In servicing the global energy markets, we are very active in conducting and sourcing a range of project development programmes from exploration and extraction, right through to the refinery, storage and distribution of oil and gas. Our operational contacts span the globe to wherever our resources can be found, along with which ever energy market jurisdiction requires our services. Here at Pacific Energy, it is vital for us to continue to conduct our operations and to develop a range of projects that reflects the growing diversity of the world’s energy supply. We fully understand that whilst the world is heavily dependent upon conventional sources such as oil, coal and gas; the future of our energy make-up will be delivered via a multitude of different energy commodities, from wind to solar power; from biofuel to biodiesel; and from bio mass to hydropower to name a few.

The way we are powering our world is changing, and as a company, we are forever evolving our operational methods to keep up with this change, and to innovate our project management methods in order to upscale our modes of production in terms of efficiency, quality and quantity. From 2012 through to 2035, global energy consumption is set to rise by over 40%, with around 95% of this growth to occur within emerging economies. With such a rise in demand taking place within highly populated emerging economies, it is vital for us to continue developing large-scale energy production projects that are producing energy from sustainable and renewable resources. This is why our project development teams are becoming ever more integrated in places like, India, China, Latin America and Africa. It is vital that we maintain and build upon our solid means of production and supply within and amongst developing nations, to ensure that the demand for energy can be met, and can be done so with minimal environmental and social impact, without compromising future supply.

Pacific Energy offers full cycle operational turn-key servicing, including exploration, extraction and refinery/production, right through to the storage and supply to energy markets worldwide.