Here at Pacific Energy, we recognise the complexities involved in the supply chain of energy commodities throughout the world, along with the paramount importance of energy being delivered in the most reliable and timely of fashion. Since this is the case, the efficient storage of such commodities is crucial to the running of our operations.

Through our headquarters, we source and co-ordinate all of our primary storage locations through a centralised chain of command, covering over 12 specialist storage installations worldwide. We have access to bonded warehouse and tanker storage facilities in Australia, Brazil, China, Canada, America, South Africa, Sweden, Netherlands, India and Nigeria, along with a third party affiliation network offering alternative back-up’s to cover any congestion issues, along with evading the case of any adverse weather conditions that may interrupt logistical flows. All installations are strategically placed within excellent proximity to the most active ports, with international shipping gateways that makes access to global energy markets possible.

At Pacific Energy, we are able to organise the storage of all energy commodities, from highly sensitive crude oil and gas consignments, to biofuels, along with sustainable materials such as biomass which requires storage conditions that require controlled air-flow temperatures. We have access to tanker units capable of storing over 12.5 million barrels, and controlled warehousing to facilitate over 4 million tonnes across capacity units of over 900,000 square foot.